A World Wide Sister Tribe

Emelie Manawa

Margo Awanata

Mae Belteyn

Marina Ziel

Tribal, Sensual, Sexuality, Fierce

Love, Body, Transformation, power

Sacred  Ritualist, Womens's Leadership

Shamanism, Wisdom, Sharing, Healing

"Emelie makes everybody Dance through Life! Barefooted! Before you know she will take you with her, roaming the earth on pelgrimages where you’ll find your inner priestess again. She is a Professional Therapist and a Creative Coach who will let you explore your deepest self using art and dance. During her inspiring workshops Emelie embodies femininity, sensuality, juiciness and playfulness. With her transforming fire she touches you deeply and offers a heart-to-heart connection. She loves all spirits in nature, passionate Haka's, laughing and singing at campfires and traveling our beautiful mother earth. "  


" Margo deeply cares for all women as her Sisters, encouraging them to be themselves and to love their beautiful bodies fully. She is just like Mother Earth, always nurturing and unconditionally loving life. Margo is an exquisite role model and an Empowering Guide, a Woman’s Coach and Priestess with extensive experience in Tantra, Shamanism and many other paths. She is an expert in creating a sacred space where all participants feel safe in their strengths and vulnerabilities. She loves to dance wildly, protects and cares for our earth, is very playful especially with her gorgeous family, and lives her life in joy and trust. " 



" Marina is passionate about helping to better the life of her fellow humans in their living and working environment. She is our elder Shaman Woman, who will guide you to use your own instincts to express the wildness that lies deep within. Being a globetrotter who lived on several continents, Marina knows how to connect and implement the knowledge of various cultures. During her workshops she will inject you with a spark of love and the desire to live the best version of yourself. She loves the wisdom of sacred texts and dreaming on the music of her soul, yet she’s deeply rooted in herself and wild to the bone.



" Mae is honored to work and co-create with sisters who feel stressed and overwhelmed in our modern Western society. She is passionately dedicated to put ‘creating ritual’ back into your hands to follow your own ‘natural rhythm’ again. Mae has the radiance and aura of a High Priestess, is a Religion Scientist specializing in Spiritual Care, and is an academic and Bestselling Author. As Professional Speaker, Ritual Expert, Business coach and Transformational Teacher she invites deep experiences to gain insight into your inner-core potential with a profound motivation to fulfill your destiny. "  



When a Woman Rises and Remembers 

She is making the way for all other women

We are four women with a mission and that mission is simple. Empower and connect women everywhere. Through our work all four of us have learned about the power and the gift of women connecting from heart to heart. We witnessed women who always had problems wth other women rise in Sisterhood once they reached out. It is a primal need for us to connect, in ancient times our very survival was depending on this connection.. and in a way it still is. We can live without this connection, that is true  but with Sisters having our back, with women supporting us, mirroring us and inspiring us a whole new level of living will happen. 
We will feel empowered, more secure, more beautiful and more powerful. We are more willing to step outside our comfort zone within sisterhood and by doing that we will remember more of who we truly are. 

This was such a powerful experience . I never danced and in this workshop I danced like a wild woman. I danced, cried and laughed with women I didn't  know before and are my friends now. They are my Sisters now!


- Kat Devon

Don't underestimate a woman's awakening

She is a wild storm, blowing away all that is not soul.

The gift of Sisterhood

Hold my hand Sister