A World Wide Sister Tribe

We are so happy you found your way to us.Wild Sisters is a Global SISTERHOOD, designed to help women connect with each other.
We find healing and empowerment through the eyes of our Sisters from all over the world.


We invite you with unconditional LOVE to one of our big Wild Woman events, our rejuvenating Sisterhood retreats or our Sister Circle Facilitator Trainings.

You are so very Welcome!


On her own, a woman can be a goddess indeed; but when together with sisters, they can be an awesome pantheon, capable of anything

Remember Yourself

Every Woman is a healer, a Wise, A Mother (whether she gave birth or not), A Priestess, A Goddess and A SISTER.
It goes without saying that we need a tribe of supportive women.
We need to connect to each other and hereby get to know ourselves on an amazing deep level.
A Sister is a mirror who reflects our power and our beauty, to re-member who we really are, as well as our dark side we so often fear, for our healing.

More and more women realize that it is through this world wide  Sisterhood movement that they are able to get inspired, inspire other women and to re-member the divine feminine in their wild and loving core.

Wild Sisters is for all women, no matter what background, religion, culture, race or age.



Alone you go Fast

With Sisters you go Far and Deep

I never knew that Sisterhood could be so powerful and healing. I was never a women woman but what I found here is one of the greatest treasures ever. It touched me in the deepest of my core and reminded me of the power I have that was long forgotten. Thank you so much, this was a life changing experience. 


- Diana Taylor

When Women connect

from Heart  to Heart

Miracles happen